Lana Bar 5000 Tieguanyin Tea

Lana Bar 5000 Tieguanyin Tea

Tieguanyin Tea is a highly favored tea flavor among tea enthusiasts. It features a rich tea aroma and a unique smoky taste, thanks to the special crafting process of Tieguanyin Tea. Tasting Tieguanyin allows you t


Lana Bar 5000 Tieguanyin Tea


※LANAVAPE always pays attention to the development trend of the electronic cigarette market and provides customers with more satisfactory electronic cigarette products. The Lana bar 5000 disposable vape was developed, and it has been favored by a large number of electronic cigarette lovers. Colour matching, there is a sufficient amount of e-liquid up to 7ml, it is a rechargeable disposable electronic cigarette, get rid of the trouble of no electricity.




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