Lana Bar 5000 Lush Ice

Lana Bar 5000 Lush Ice

Lana bar 5000 disposable vape is very comfortable to smoke, it can make you feel the arrival of summer, the refreshing watermelon taste is accompanied by a burst of icy throat hits, which will make you unforgettable for a long time.


Lana Bar 5000 Lush Ice


※Lana bar 5000 is a relatively unique disposable vape. The stylish and cute shape of its ceramic jar and the cool gradient color matching are very attractive, making it the focus of everyone’s eyes. In addition, it also has 5000 puffs of vaping. Different from ordinary disposable electronic cigarettes, it is also equipped with a rechargeable battery. When you have no power, you only need to use the type-c data cable to charge it to ensure that each product is completely used up. Don’t waste, stop waste from you and me.




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