Lana Bar 5000 Cold Coke

Lana Bar 5000 Cold Coke

Lana bar 5000 disposable vape cold coke flavor is relatively novel. This product is suitable for people who love to stay at home. They love it because of their love for cola. It successfully integrates the flavor of cola soda into electronic cigarettes. , it has a very cool roaring feeling when it is drawn.


Lana Bar 5000 Cold Coke


※There are many new styles of disposable vape in the electronic cigarette market every year. LANAVAPE keeps up with the development of the times and has developed the Lana bar 5000 puffs disposable vape. Once it came out, it has been favored by many electronic cigarette lovers. Appearance, as well as high-quality internal structure, high-quality ceramic core and high-quality filter cotton core are used to ensure full atomization and uniform fogging of the product. There are also many flavors in terms of taste, which can satisfy most people’s desire for electronic cigarettes. demand.




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